Chinese Festivals(精选五篇)

第一篇:Chinese Festivals

       Emily Raglin

       I find traditional Chinese festivals very interesting.It’s great that they all go by the lunar

       calendar;I think that it is very respectable and honourable how much Chinese upholds ancient traditions.It’s a shame when tradition dissipates, so it’s nice to see that it is still around.The Spring Festival

       (Chinese New Year)was my favourite to learn about.It seems to be the most popular holiday here, and if I am ever lucky enough to come back to China I would want to try to come during that time.I think it’s great that it lasts for 15 days, it gives you lots of time to reconnect with family.I am also intrigued by how dominant red is as a colour during festivals.It’s used for decorations, and is always the colour of the envelopes full of money for children.I know it’s because red is viewed as a lucky colour, I just think it would be interesting to see so much red in one place.The Lantern Festival sounds beautiful, and it

       would be the festival that I want to see the most.It seems like a great way to finish of the Spring Festival.I would like to take part in the Dragon Boat festival because I love water, boats and physical activity so it seems like a good fit.The sheer fact of how old your festivals are is impressive.I mean the Dragon Boat Festival originated because of a poet that killed himself in 277 BC.Mostly I just really enjoy how much history and tradition is still involved in your holidays, I feel like somewhere along the way that was lost in Western civilization.I find it interesting to compare the holidays of our two cultures, whether it be origin, traditions or timing.Most Western holidays are based off religion, whereas yours are from

       historical events.We base ours off the solar calendar and you the lunar.Both cultures have a variety of traditions.It’s been a real eye opener to see cultural differences, and I fell like now I can appreciate other cultures holidays more because I know more about them.