My Holiday Oh!It was winter holiday.I was very happy.I read my favourite books.I have many wonderful books.But I could not read these books too much.I also had a lot of homework to do.I like playing computer games,too.It’s very interesting.But I could not play it too much.I wear glasses,I’m very sad.It’s not good for my eyes to play computer games too much.Oh!It was the Spring Festival.It’s Chinese traditional festival.People were very happy.They went shopping,cleaned their houses,had supper together…I went to my grandparents’home with my parents.My grandparents were very happy to see us.They prepared many kinds of nice food,such as fish,meat,vegetables and fruit.In the evening,we watched TV and lighted fireworks.We also knocked on people’s doors and gave some presents to them.After the Spring Festival,we went to Shanghai to go shopping.We bought clothes,shoes and some delicious food.I had a good holiday,I think.I also have very nice school life now.


        Dear xxx,

       Time is flying.Long time no see.I miss you very much.

       How are you doing?I wish everything has gone well

       with you.Do you still play table tennis everyday?You

       are so good at it and a gifted player.What do you plan

       to do in the summer?Will you travel to somewhere during

       your summer vacation?I would like to tell you that I am

       going to take Band(Grade)Four in College Test.

       I have been working hard for it.Hopefully,I can pass it.

       To master well is not an easy task,isn��t it?It takes

       time and efforts.

       Finnally,I hope to hear from you shortly and wish you all the best.

       Take care.

英语作文是给自己的朋友写一封信 描述星期五一天的课程 注意格式

        Dear friend,

       How is everything going?I would like to tell you my study course on Friday.I have four lessons which I like on Friday.they are PE,maths and History.my teacher is very funny,I ike having her lesson.I like PE very much,I can play many balls.I like maths because the Maths class is very excited.I think History is very interesting.

       how about your study?I'm looking forward to hearing from you.



写一封信给朋友,介绍你的学校,生活状况和学习状况 英语作文 急急急

        To Andy

       Hey,how are you doing recently?I am now moving into a new school because my excellent academic performance.The new school is a key high school in this city and the best one.The school possesses many cutting edge technological facilities such as long distance teaching system,multimedia classroom and well-equipped gym.Currently,I can almost keep in pace with other students in the class although they are all fairly remarkable in terms of study.Besides,I made many friends in my class and other classes.The dining hall in the school provides a variety of nourishing and delicious food.Anyway,I am enjoying my life in my new school.


        Dear Robert,


       I'm glad to receive your letter.Now I will tell you something about my plan for summer vacation after the final exam.Firstly,I will learn to drive.I think driving can be useful.Secondly,I will take some courses.Thirdly,I will visit some tourist attractions.It must be very exciting.Last,I will do some reading in the vacation.What about you?I hope you can have a pretty vacation.




       篇二:A Letter to a Friend

       Dear Zhang Wei,

       I’m glad to know that you are coming to my city during the summer vacation.

       However,I’m afraid there’s some bad news.I’m planning to take part in an international conference to be held in another city during the time of your visit.

       All the top scientists in my field will show up at the conference.More importantly,I’m lucky enough to have been selected to give a speech on behalf of my research team at the Conference.I really can’t miss it.

       I understand that it’ll be your first time to this city and I’m your only friend here.I’ve asked my roommate to meet you at the airport,and you can stay in my room.

       He is a very nice person and he will show you around the city.Hope you two will get on well and have a nice holiday!Yours,

       Li Ming

       篇三:A Letter to a Friend

       Dear Lily,

       How is everything?I do not see you for a long time,and I miss you very much.So I write to you.I was very busy in the last month,because I have much homework to do.The final exam is coming,so I must work hard.Besides,I must learn piano very two days.It takes me some time,but I feel happy.These are my life in recent.And what’s yours?I am looking forward to your letter and tell me about your life.

       Sincerely Yours,


       篇四:给朋友的一封信A Letter to a Friend

       Dear Friend,


       How have you been recently?I miss you very much.Do you still remember me?最近过得怎么样?我很想你.你还记得我吗?To be honest,I'm honored to make friends with you.I still remember the days when we were together.As far as I know,you are the kindest person in the world.Once we were together,you always treated me as if I were your dear brother,so I was grateful to you in my heart.After you leaving,I always thought of you.Next time we have a chance to see each other,I will say\"thank you\"to you.Thank you for your kindness.Now I have got the meaning of my life.


       Although we are in two different places now,we are still together,because we are always heart to heart.I believe we can see each other again.Since we are always close friends as well as dear brothers.Because of you,my life is always so significant.Wherever I am,I will pray good luck for you.


       Last but not the least,I hope you can make it and have a bright future.


       Sincerely yours,



       篇五:给朋友的一封信 A Letter to A Friend

       Dear Jim,


       Last Sunday my classmates and I went to Xiangshan Park.


       We met at 7 o'clock at the school gate.The weather in Beijing that day was great.At around 8 o'clock,we arrived at Xiangshan Park.There is a high tree on the bottom of the hill.We had a party and played games under the tree.Then we climbed to the top of Xiangshan Mountain.It was not very difficult for us to do it.Next,we had lunch at the top of the hill.It was delicious.After lunch,we saw some birds.They were friendly.And we saw a whole picture of Beijing.\"What a beautiful city!I said.At that moment,we all felt so proud.I live in Beijing now.The 2022 Olympic games was held here.

       我们七点在校门口 -.那天北京的天气很好.八点左右,我们就抵达香山公园.在山脚下有一棵高高的树.我们在树下开了一个聚会,玩游戏.然后我们爬上香山的山顶.对我们来说并不是很难.接下来,我们在山顶上吃午饭.很美味.午饭后,我们看见了一些鸟.它们很友好.我们看到了北京的全貌.”真是一个美丽的城市!我说道.在那一刻,我们都感到非常的骄傲.我现在住在北京.2022届奥运会将在这里举行.

       I hope you can visit to Beijing in the future and I am sure you’ll like here.


       Best wishes.


       Sincerely yours,

       Li Ming


        Dear David

       I'm writing to you to tell my plans for the summer holiday.

       Summer holiday is coming.Have you got any plans for this coming holiday?If we haven't got any plan,let me tell you my plan.I will get up at eight 'oclock.I will listen to the pop music when I am tired.After that,I will play the computer games with my friendsIt’s time for lunch.I will have the lunch in three minutes,and then go out for class.When the class is over,I will continue playing the computer games with my friends and do my homework.

       Looking forward to your reply.




用英语给老师写一封信(关于你的寒假生活) 字数:50-60词




















































































































       流水匆匆,秋风吹落您年轻的容颜;岁月无情,夏月晒弯您健朗的脊背;冬雪 皎皎,覆盖了您那黑发。
































       是您手把手教我一至四年级的学生,当时您称我“三闺女”的郭 x x(隐)。


       多少年来,我思念着您,多少次作文写《你最尊敬的一个人》时,我都是写得您—我最敬爱的王 -老师。







       您是否还记得我的父亲叫郭 x x(隐)母亲叫郭 x x(隐)。

       我父亲44年加入中国 -,母亲45年入党。



       您记得吗,我二姐郭 x x、弟弟郭 x x 都曾是您的学生。











































        Beloved teacher:Time flies,my junior high school life is painted in the end.Thank you for the cultivation,you like big tree,and I am but above the branches and leaves,you provide me with nutrients.In me in a low point,you like a strong rope firmly hold me.When I am happy,you often teach me not because of pride to become complacent.Thank you for the inculcation,I will not forget you!

怎么写学校生活给父母的一封信 英语作文

        Dear parents,

       How is everything these days?I miss you very much.

       I am very happy at my new shool.My teachers and shool mates are very friendly to me.They ofen help me with my study.Now I am not worried about my because I make a lot of progress in it anb I become and intrested in it.My shool life here is also wonderful.I take part in many part-time activities.I make many friends there and learn lots of learning methods.

       Now final exam is coming.I am busy preparing it.I will try my best to do well in it.

       I am glad that the summer holiday is coming.I want to take part in a GREEN CITY GROUP.I think I should make a contribution to protecting our environment.

       It's hot these days but I can take good care of myself.You should pay attention to your health.

       Best wishes to you.

       Love you,


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        Dear Tom

       I am very happy to receive your letter.I am fine these days but a bit busy.I am always busy with my study and there are lots of homework to do every day.I work hard and I am interested in all the subjects so I can alwasy get good grades.I often do sports for about twenty minutes after school because it's good for my health and it can help me relax.I am going to take an important exam so that I can get into senior high.So I will try as hard as I can.How about you?Yours