My school英语作文(精选4篇)

  以下是小编精心整理的My school英语作文大约有4篇左右,仅供参考,欢迎大家阅读。


  I have moved to my new school since Septmber. It is a modern and nice school which is in Beijing. It has a playground,a library,several labs,classrooms with electronic equipment and so on. It‘s quite different from my old school. It’s larger,much more modern. This is why I love my new school. If you are free,you are warmly welcomed to come to our school to have a look.



  At school l am busy with my studies . l am interested in English ,because my English teacher ,Miss Wang is kind and helpful .I like playing basketball and reading books. After class ,I join some clubs at school .In this way ,I have got more and more knowledge and improved my life . I learn how to face difficulties and I also learn how to get on well with friend .My school life is meaning and colorful . In a word ,it is unforgettable ,isn’t it ?


  I have many subjects at school.

  I like English very much. Because it’s so easy and fun. I like Chinese too. Because it’s not boring. We go to school at seven o’clock every day. What lessons do I have on Friday morning? Guess! Oh, I have Maths, Chinese, English and PE. And we have a football match on Friday. It’s very interesting. I like it.

  I love my school subjects.


  This is my school. In my school, you can see a lot of flowers and trees. You can see many big and bright classrooms , too.

  Look , this is my classroom. In the classroom , you can see many chairs and desks. My classmates and I study hard here.

  We have Chinese and Math every day. I like Music and PE. They are interesting. Music makes me happy and PE makes me strong.

  This is the playground. Is it big? I often play basketball here after school. Also, you can see lots of students run in the playground.

  My school is great, and I love her very much.

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