My Weekend英语作文(精选2篇)

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  On last weekend , I cleaned my room on Saturday. And I went fishing with my family.On last Sunday, I climbing mountains with my parents . I watched TV on last Sunday afteroon. I did my homework on my last Sunday evening. My last weekend was very happy! How about you?




  Dear Miss Ni,

  How is every thing going? I’m fine every day. But I like weekends best. Do you know my weekends? Let me tell you.

  On Saturday morning, I often play games with my sister. We are very happy. In the afternoon, I usually study Chinese brush writing with Rose. I like Chinese brush writing very much, On Sundays, sometimes I go shopping with my mother, I always buy ice-cream, because ice-cream is my favourite food.

  On the weekends, I have a good time, it is sweet for me. How about you? Can you tell me?



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