my favorite festival英语作文(精选10篇)

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  My favourite festival is Spring Festival. Before Spring Festival we usually clean and decorate our house.

  My mother always go shopping and buy some new clothes for me. Sometimes we go to flower fair and buy some beautiful flowers.

  During Spring Festival. I can get lucky money from the adults.

  And we often get together and have a big meal. I can eat dumplings too. So I like Spring Festival best.


  Spring Festival is my favorite among all the Chinese traditional festival. The first reason why I love it the most is because I can get lucky money on that festival. It is the Chinese custom that the old will give children lucky money on Spring Festival to wish a good luck for the young generation. Moreover, people everywhere on those days are full of happiness. Quarrel, fight and abuse are almost disappeared at that time. Meanwhile, my mother will make a big meal for us to celebrate. Everyone will forget the unhappy thing they meet, instead remembering to appreciate life to wish a better future. That is my favorite festival.


  There are many festivals in a year, I love Childrens day, because on that day, I can have many candies from school. In the school, i will play many games, there will be no class on Childrens day, everybody will have fun. Childrens day is my favorite day, the day belongs to me. I enjoy that day so much. My parents will also celebrate it for me.


  There are a lot of holidays for chinese people, such as National day, May Day, etc. However, chinese people look on spring festival as their most important one of all.And its also my favorite festival, especially when I was a child, because In those days, I could have a plenty of delicious food to eat, enjoy a very long holiday and wear beautiful clothes. And what is more important is that I could received much new years gift money. So, everyyear, I expected the spring festival would come soon. After I grew up, its no longer as important to me as before . For I can have my delicious food and wear my favorite clothes every day. Its like Im having spring festival every day!


  My favourite festival is the Spring Festival.Why?Because I have lots of fun at the Spring Festival.

  The Spring Festival is a popular holiday in our country.It is in January or February.Our family get together.We have a big dinner at my grandparents home.I always eat a lot of delicious food.My cousin and me both get red packets from our grandparents.My parents usually go shopping with me.We buy some nice clothes for ourselves.We often watch TV at home and sometimes read books or surf the Internet.Sometimes,we greet other people on the phone.

  Im always happy at the Spring Festival.


  My favorite holiday is Mid-autumn Day. Do you know why? Firstly, it’s day for family gathering.

  On Mid-autumn Day, families will stay together and eat a big dinner. My families always make very delicious food.

  After dinner, families will enjoy the beautiful full moon. We often have a good talk and eat moon cakes and fruits.

  For me, I like moon cakes very much. They are so tasty. Besides, the Mid-autumn Day is in autumn. It’s my favorite season.


  When festival comes, I will be very excited, because it is a good time for my families to get together and we share our happiness. My favorite holiday is Mid-autumn festival, I can eat mooncake. It is so delicious for me. The moon looks so bright and big. We can appreciate it while playing cards in the balcony.


  My favourite festival is Spring Festival. Its On January 26th is Spring Festival. Spring Festival is the most important and popular festival in China.

  My parents and I usually clean our house and go shopping before Spring Festival. I usually wear some new clothes during Spring Festival. And we often have some dumplings during Spring Festival.

  My parents and I like Spring Festival very much!

  And I think we Chinese people both like Spring Festival.


  My favorite festival is Christmas Day. Its not the trditional for Chinese. Its for the foreigners, which Christmas Day is to them what Spring Festival is us. But with the development of the society, more and more foreigners come to China. And then it is popular in China. I feel excited to see the Cristmas decoration and Christmas trees. I also like Santa Claus, who will give Christmas present for us under the table. And people will say ”Merry Cristmas” to each other on that day.


  There are many tradiontal and interesting festivals in China. Such as Mid-autumn festival, National Day, Water- splashing Day and Spring Festival. My favorite festival is Spring Festival.

  When Spring Festival is coming. I can eat lots of delicious traditional Chinese food and buy some new clothes. And my family menbers will give me some money. Everyone wont sleep for the whole night, so I really like Spring Festival.

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