How to learn English well(5篇范文)

第一篇:How to learn English well

       How to learn English well

       Ladies and Gentlemen!Good afternoon!My name is Li Xin.I am from Wuming Experimental School.My topic is: How to learn English well.Many people like English.As the days go on, it is very important for us to learn English well.In fact, it is not very difficult for us to learn English well.If you do well in listening, speaking, reading and writing, you will learn English well.First, we must find a good method to learn English.I believe in determination and hard work.As the saying goes “Nothing is difficult if you put you heart into it”.As a student, in class, we should listen to the teacher carefully and make notes carefully.In your spare time, you can often listen to English programs in the radio or watch programmers on TV.For example, you can watch English movies, and listen to the English music and so on.Then you should speak English ad often as possible in or out classes.Be active in answering the teacher’s questions and asking some questions.What about reading? You can read English novels, magazines, stories books, and English newspaper.It’s a good way to build up your vocabulary.It widens your scope of knowledge.In addition, you should speak English as many as you can.You can practice speaking English with your teachers and your classmates every day.You can also speak to foreigners when you meet them.Don’t be afraid of making mistakes.At last, you can also persist in keeping a diary in English and try your best to write an article.After classes, we should do our homework first, and be careful with it.Then we can preview the contents of tomorrow.My dear friends, if you want to learn English well, just choose a good method and try your best.Sometimes, you feel that it’s a bit difficult for you to learn English well, but never give up.Just work hard on it.Interest is the best teacher.We are sure to have a good result with great interest.Let’s learn English well together!

       That’s all.Thank you!