Dear Mr\/Mrs XXX,

       How are you now?I have been missing you since I graduated from the senior school.I'm studying in XXX university now.My college life is wonderful and I like my major.You give me a lot of help when I was in senior school and I feel so lucky for having ever being your student.I never tell you before,but in my heart,you are my best teacher and a good friend forever.I still remember your jokes and your kind smile.You always encourage us to learn and never give up.Sometimes you get angery because we always make the same mistakes.You can't help saying some humiliating words when we make some stupid mistakes.I hate you for that before,but now I know love well,whip well.(爱之深,恨之切)You love us all,you love everyone.You never tell,but we know you hope all of us will be successful and we will never disapponit you.

       There are some questions occur in my mind when I think about you.How's everything going now?Are you in good health?Are you still busy from dawn to dust?Are there some naughty boys in your class?Are you happy everyday?I know you must be busy,but I still hope you can write me back soon and tell me your life.I'm looking forward to receiving your letter.





一篇英语作文 你要将到一个新学校 写一封信给校长询问情况 坐等


       Dear Headmaster

       My name is XXX.I going to your school next week.However,there's something troubling me these days.So I decided to write to you and figure it out.

       Firstly,I hope to know what your teaching way is.As we all know,different schools has their different ways to teach their students,so I want to get it soon in order to adjust to it.Next question,I worried a lot is where I will live.If I know the situation of accommodation,I can make plans to go home correctly.By the way,I wonder if there're some after school activities,or clubs

       I'm looking for your clear thank you for reading.






        Dear Li Min,

       I'm writing to invite you to our school's art festival.I know you like singing and dancing.In the festival there are many programs such as singing,dancing,sketches,magic shows and so on.It will be held in our school hall at 7:00 pm next Sunday.

       Hope you can come.

英语作文:假设你是中学生李华,请你根据以下提示写一封信给校长 写作内容:几天前,学校领导和教师因为










        I have many hobbies,such as reading,skating,and watching TV.But reading is my favorite hobby.

       I like reading for three reasons.First of all,books introduce me to a new world,which is colourful and without time and space limit,Through reading,I can trace back.to ancient Egypt,the cradle of human civilization.It can bring myself to the United states,a glamorous land I have been longing to visit.Secondly,reading can better myself by showing me a new horizon.In the past years,most of my knowledge has been obtained from books.I have learned from many people by reading about their ideas on scithee,politics,life and society.Thirdly,reading bridge the gap between my dream and my goal.In ordcr to succeed in my career in the future,I must keep reading,thinking and practising.

       Reading has become part of my life.Every day,I spend some time reading books,newspapcrs and magazines.At night,I can hardly go to steep without a novel in my hand.

       我的爱好 我有许多爱好,譬如:读书、滑冰、看电视,读书是我最喜欢的。












英语作文 给外国朋友的一封信,介绍自己学校的


写一封信给朋友,介绍你的学校,生活状况和学习状况 英语作文 急急急

        To Andy

       Hey,how are you doing recently?I am now moving into a new school because my excellent academic performance.The new school is a key high school in this city and the best one.The school possesses many cutting edge technological facilities such as long distance teaching system,multimedia classroom and well-equipped gym.Currently,I can almost keep in pace with other students in the class although they are all fairly remarkable in terms of study.Besides,I made many friends in my class and other classes.The dining hall in the school provides a variety of nourishing and delicious food.Anyway,I am enjoying my life in my new school.

英语作文一封给你中学的信(a letter to your middle school)










怎么写学校生活给父母的一封信 英语作文

        Dear parents,

       How is everything these days?I miss you very much.

       I am very happy at my new shool.My teachers and shool mates are very friendly to me.They ofen help me with my study.Now I am not worried about my because I make a lot of progress in it anb I become and intrested in it.My shool life here is also wonderful.I take part in many part-time activities.I make many friends there and learn lots of learning methods.

       Now final exam is coming.I am busy preparing it.I will try my best to do well in it.

       I am glad that the summer holiday is coming.I want to take part in a GREEN CITY GROUP.I think I should make a contribution to protecting our environment.

       It's hot these days but I can take good care of myself.You should pay attention to your health.

       Best wishes to you.

       Love you,


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       假如你是星光中学的李华,给英文报社写一封信,发表自己对交通事故频繁发生的看法 90词

        Dear Editor,

       I’m a student in Senior Three.I’m writing to tell you my opinions about the frequent traffic accidents.I think most road accidents are caused by driving or walking against traffic rules or by careless driving,such as driving beyond the limited speed,driving after drinking wine,crossing the road carelessly and so on.Nowadays,traffic accidents which cause a lot of injuries and deaths happen frequently.I feel sorry for that.

       Therefore,I do hope,on the one hand,some measures should be taken by the government to avoid such traffic accidents.On the other hand,people must be warned of the danger on the road.Everyone should obey traffic rules consciously in their daily life,for life is valuable and should be treasured doubly.

       Yours sincerely