Financial statement-

第一篇:Financial statement-

       Financial Statement

       To Student Visa Officer

       Consulate of Canada,Beijing

       I, Zhang San(DOB: 29/03/1965;Place of Birth: ***, Sichuan;ID Number: ******19650329****), am mother of your student visa applicant Li San(DOB: 16/08/1993;Place of Birth: ***, Sichuan;ID Number: ******19930816****).Mr.Li Si(DOB: 22/02/1957;Place of Birth: ***, Sichuan;ID Number: ******19570222****)is Li Si’s father.I graduated from *** University in July 1989.I worked at Bank of China, *** Branch from August 1989 to August 2022, I took the responsibilities from Savings Agency, Operation Department, Credit Card Department to International Business Division during this work period.I have been working as executive director at *** Commerce and Trade Co., Ltd since September 2022.And my annual income(including all the after-tax wages, bonuses)are as follows: RMB 120,000 in 2022;RMB 96,000 in 2022;RMB 72,000 in 2022;RMB 60,000 in 2022.Li San's father, Li Si transferred to civilian work in 1981 and worked as the head of personnel section at *** Grain Bureau.Now he works in *** Commerce and Trade Co., Ltd and takes the position of sales manager since January 2000.His annual income(including all the after-tax wages, bonuses)are as follows: RMB 180,000 in 2022;RMB150,000 in 2022;RMB 110,000 in 2022;RMB 80,000 in 2022.My husband and I have two house properties, one locates in No.3, 15F, Unit 3, Building A, Hongjun Garden, No.2, Jialan Street, *** City, Sichuan Province, with an area of 149.99 square meters and the registration market price of RMB 825,000.Another is located in No.1, Jianshe Street, *** City, Sichuan Province, with the area of 85.19 square meters and registration price of RMB 425,950.Li San is our only daughter, both my husband and I have experienced the reform and opening up and witnessed China's great development, we know that if our child can receive a top education and training, combined with the fine cultures of China and foreign countries, she can get good development.So when she was a secondary school student, we plan to send her to study abroad

       It is therefore an issue of great importance in our family agenda to lay a solid financial foundation for our daughter’s future education.For this purpose, we have opened three accounts in Industrial and Commercial Bank of China(accounts are: ***9153;***2440 and ***3523), with a total deposit of RMB 700,000 for the child’s education fund.We would also prepare enough money to support her studying abroad.Li San has just completed the second year study of High school in China, which is equivalent to the completion of Grade 11 in Canada.She performs well in academic study and has very good comprehensive qualities.Now she has been admitted by School District No.22(Vernon)to study in the Grade 12 program.We are very happy, hoping Li San could receive the secondary education in Canada in order to improve her English, broaden her horizons and increase her knowledge.After her graduation from high school, we also want her to study the undergraduate program in Canada and receive the world-class education.What’s more, the tuition in School District No.22(Vernon)has been paid, totally CAD 23,000.We also have prepared enough money for her undergraduate education.Li San always discuss the future life planning with us.Li San’s uncle, Mr.Li Wei, is the professor of Edinburgh University and the academician of the Royal Chemical Industry, he thinks that the child's education is very important, and discusses the child's educational development with us.He highly recommends Li San to go to Canada to receive the secondary and undergraduate education, as for Canada is the culturally advanced and highly democratic nation and has a good academic atmosphere, which is very helpful for young people’s grow up.Li San always consider her uncle as a role model, she works hard and has made great progress.She wants to enter into the famous university, British Columbia University to continue her undergraduate studies after her high school graduation.In conclusion, we solemnly declare that we have stable incomes and sufficient financial support to cover Li San’s full education expenses.We sincerely wish that you could give her application your kind consideration.Thank you very much.Declarer:(Li San’s father)Date:

       Declarer:(Li San’s mother)Date: