英语作文——With the development of the times

第一篇:英语作文——With the development of the times

       With the development of the times, the pace of the economy quickly, youth unemployment has now become one of the most popular topics in society.A large number of young people cannot find a job after leaving shool.It goes without saying that youth unemployment needs to be tackled urgently, but this important task is anything but easy.why a large number of young people who are leaving school find it difficult to get a job.I think that is composed of the following reasons:

       1、Particularly, youth unemployment spells a variety of hardships in a society that is powerless to create jobs.2、As unemployment balloons, competition among young individuals for jobs also rises.3、More and more companies require students have more pro-job experiences, but due to the heavy workload, resulting in no time to practice.4、Many companies are no longer needs interns,because they are no energy to do the training.5、Not everyone can have the condition to go to school, because they had no technical ability in a professional line and is very difficult to find a job.6、Because the work is becoming more and more mechanized, just rely on manual labor is reduced and so on.Unfortunately, ways to create jobs for young people seem to be mostly slow and often ineffective.For instance, some governments decide to take austerity measures, contrary to the argument that to cut public spending in the presence of high unemployment would be to ignore the lessons of history that are specifically not in favor of young people looking for jobs.Neither is entrepreneurship a promising option for graduate employment because the precarious character of working for oneself does not suit everybody.On the other hand, not every school leaver acquires sufficient skills needed for the labor market, which implies that part of the long-term pro-job campaign should begin at school in the first place.Further, the supply and demand of jobs for young people are very important steps, as seen in some societies that face a lack of personnel in technology and natural sciences, but have a surplus of students in human and social sciences.All in all, those are challenges for individuals and the society as a whole in the light of the current economic recession in which young graduates are being severely affected.The government should do more to ease the pressure of employment for young people, young people should start from their own, learn the skills, learn to endure hardship.


       1.The Great Wall(长城)

       The Great Wall was built in ancient China.It is the world's longest human-made structure, about 6000 kilometers long.As one of the Eight Wonders in the world, the Great Wall has become the symbol of the Chinese nation(中华民族).A Chinese saying(谚语)goes like this,“ You are not a true man until you get to the Great Wall.”(不到长城非好汉)

       Lots of beautiful stories about the Great Wall took place during its construction,such as Meng Jiangnu's story.Meng Jiangnu was a beautiful woman.Meng's husband was caught by government and sent to build the Great Wall.She missed her husband very much after he was taken away.she decided to set off to look for him.Unfortunately, by the time she reached the great wall, she found that her husband had already died.Hearing the bad news, she burst into tears(流泪).Her howl([haul]嚎哭)caused the collapse([kə'læps] 倒塌)of a part of the Great Wall.2.The Terracotta(['tɛrə'kɑtə]陶)Army(兵马佣)

       The Terracotta Army was known as the greatest discoveries of the 20th centuries in china.It is located in Xi'an, a historical and cultural city ofNorthwest China.The Terracotta Army had lain underground for more than 2000 years before it was discovered in 1974.Itis a part of Emperor Qin Shihuang’s Mausoleum([mɔsə'liəm]陵墓).Qin Shihuang was the first emperor(['ɛmpərɚ]皇帝)of a united China.He wanted to build a special tomb to show he was the greatest emporor.So he made two million workers to dig four holes and put many statues(['stætʃu] 雕像)of soidiers,horses and war-coaches(战车)into the holes.The anciant Chinese people thought the “Army” can protect the emporor in his afterlife.(古代中国人认为那些军队可以在秦始皇死后继续保护他)

       Every year,many visitors from China and other contries come to visit The Terracotta Army Museum.In 1998,the former(['fɔrmɚ]前任的)U.S.President Bill Clinton(美国前总统克林顿)together with his wife Hilary(希拉里)and daughter visited Terracotta Army Museum.Bill Clinton said he wished he could be the curator([kju'retɚ] 馆长)of the Terracotta Army Museum.(克林顿说他多么希望能是兵马俑博物馆的馆长)

       3.The Four Great Inventions

       As we all know,The Compass(指南针),Gunpowder(火药),Papermaking,and Printing are our Chinese great inventions.Our ancestors(['ænsɛstɚ]祖先)created them by their own mind and hand.These inventions not only have an effect on our daily life,but also contribute to the culture all aroud world.(这些发明不仅仅影响我们的日常生活,同时也对全世界作出了贡献)

       But which is the most useful and practical invention to us? I think the compass is more important than the others.Because of it,we can know our country,our world.With the help of the compass, Columbus([kə'lʌmbəs]哥伦布)found the new land.With the help of it,we know that the earth is like a ball.Having the compass,we can see the earth clearly.We can say that without the invention of the compass,there can not be a colourful world.(我们可以说没有指南针的发明,就不会有这个丰富多彩的世界)

       4.Shanghai 2022 World Exposition([ekspə'ziʃən]博览会)

       One year ago ,Shanghai 2022 World Expo was held in our country.The World Expo has a long history but it had never been held in a developing country(发展中国家)before.As a chinese,I felt very proud([praud]自豪).In my opinion, the Expo was a large and grand ceremonies.I like China Pavilion([pə'viljən]中国馆)best.China Pavilion was designed in the style of traditional Chinese architecture(中国馆设计成传统中国建筑风格).Ithas a

       distinctive roofwhichlooks like a crown.So China Pavilion is called “oriental crown” as well.Its main colour is red which represents the spirit of Chinese culture.The theme([θim] 主题)of the Expo was “Better City, Better Life”(城市让生活更美好).It provided china with an important chance(它给中国提供了一个重要机遇).Great changes have taken place in china and more and more people throughout the world are focusing(focus ['fokəs] 聚焦)their attention on china now.(中国发生了巨大变化,越来越多来自世界各地的人将眼光聚焦于中国)




       In today’s world, competition among states is mainly a competition among talented professionals.Therefore, it is a decision adopted by the CPC Central Committee to fully absorb and make use of the talented people among our overseas students and among the professionals in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.This will help us strengthen our competitive edge.The departments that would introduce talented people from outside are those that are exposed to increasingly fierce competition and that are open wider to the outsider world, such as banking, insurance industry, large state-owned enterprises, etc.段落翻译2


       The Mogao Grottoes at Dunhuang used to have over 1,000 caves, but nowadays there remain only a few hundred, of which 60-70% were made in the Sui and Tang dynasties.The walls and ceilings of the grottoes are covered with colored frescos, totaling more than 45,000 m2.The frescos depict Buddhist stories.Many of them reflect the prosperity of the Tang Dynasty.The Mogao Grottoes boast over 2,400 statues, almost half of which date from the Sui and Tang dynasties.段落翻译3


       The Chinese way of eating with chopsticks is unique in the world.The recorded history of chopsticks started more than three thousand years ago.Chopsticks were named Zhu in ancient Chinese.They look deceptively simple to use, but possess multi-various functions, such as clamping, turning over, lifting up, raking, stirring, scooping, poking, tearing, and so on.Chopsticks were taken as an auspicious mascot by ordinary people in ancient China.For example, the partial tone of chopsticks is often used by people as a metaphor at weddings to indicate a blessing or benediction for the couple to have a baby soon.Unlike using a knife and fork or one’s own hands, a pair of chopsticks also implies the meaning of “harmony is what matters”.Chopsticks are highly praised by Westerners as a hallmark of ancient oriental civilization.段落翻译4


       As China’s earliest center of education and scientific research, Beijing University has gathered China’s most brilliant specialists and scholars, continuously opened up, blazed new trails, engaged itself in reform and development for training high-quality talent and achieving high-level scientific fruits that deeply influenced and advanced the range of China’s

       higher education.Over the past hundred years, this group of China’s contemporary universities, with Beijing University as its stellar representative, has played a pioneering role in China’s historical course towards modernization, forming a glorious revolutionary as well as an exemplary academic tradition.段落翻译5

       在中国,龙是一种吉祥的生物。在中国古代,龙被视为皇权的象征。直到现在,龙仍然是备受尊崇的神物,代表着财富、智慧、成功、权力以及幸运。中国人自豪地宣称他们是龙的子孙。西方媒体也经常把龙用作中国的标志。如今,大多数欧洲人都知道龙在中国是一种吉祥的生物,也知道龙是中国的十二生肖之一。The Chinese dragon is an auspicious creature.In the ancient times, the dragon was the symbol of imperial power.Even today, as a magical creature beloved by the people, it still represents wealth, wisdom, success, power and good fortune.Chinese people proudly claim that they are the descendants of the dragon.The dragon also often appears in the publications of Western media as the symbol of China.Nowadays, most Europeans understand that dragon is a lucky creature in China, and it is one of the 12 Chinese Zodiac Signs.段落翻译6

       经济危机已给英国的年轻人带来深重的影响。现在有一百多万人失业。这些人中超过22%的人年龄集中于十六至二十四岁。要不是因为即将来临的夏季奥运会,这 种情况在伦敦可能会更为严重。奥运会一部分收入已经用来帮助伦敦的弱势青年进行职业培训。即将来临的盛事刚好提供了一些机会。随着奥运会的临近,整个伦敦 都正在改变着。新机遇应运而生。但到了秋季,运动会将会结束。届时许多临时性的工作将不复存在。因此我们担忧的是奥运会结束之后我们该怎么办。

       Britain’s younger workers have been hit especially hard by the financial crisis.The economy crisis has taken its toe on Britain’s youth.One million plus are now unemployed.More than 22% are those aged 16 to 24.It might be worse in London if

       it is not for the upcoming Summer Olympics.Some of the Olympic money has gone to help London disadvantage youth to get job training.The majoring upcoming event is offering some opportunities.With the Olympic Games approaching, the whole London is changing.A new opportunity is developing.But by the autumn, the Olympics will be over.And many of the temporary jobs will go.So the worry is what we could do after the Olympics.段落翻译7


       The Lantern Festival is a traditional Chinese festival, which is on the 15th of the first month of the Chinese New Year.The festival marks the end of the celebrations of the Chinese New Year.Chinese started to celebrate the Lantern Festival from the Han Dynasty(206 BC-221 AD).Like most other Chinese festivals, there is also a story behind the Festival.It is also believed that the festival has Taoist origins.This is a festival for people having fun.On the night of the festival, people go on streets with a variety of lanterns under the full moon, guessing Chinese riddles and lighting up firecrackers,eating Yuanxiao(glutinous rice ball).There is really a lot of fun for the young and the old.段落翻译8


       China has won a worldwide reputation for handicrafts, silk, porcelain, carpets and textiles, all more reasonably priced and of greater variety than elsewhere in the world.Unique local creations are available in their own cities, such as Beijing’s cloisonné and carpets, Shanghai’s Chinese clothing and cotton textiles, Hangzhou’s silk, Suzhou’s antiques, and Xi’an’s three-coloured glazed pottery of the Tang Dynasty and terra cotta figures.If tourists are not able to reach these cities, most of these products can be purchased in the Friendship Stores in big cities like Beijing and Shanghai.These stores also help you transport what you have bought.






       (图表作文第一段)As is shown in the table(chart,curve),the number of主题 was....million in2022,...million in 2022 and...Million in 2022.Apparently the number of主题has been on a dramatic rise over the past few years.(文字描述数字变化作文第一段)The past few years witnessed a dramatic increase of the number of...Statistics show(It is reported that)the number of...is...in 2022,...in 2022 and...In 2022.What accounts for the increase?In my opinion,at least three factors contribute to the change.To begin with,the change is closely related to the rising income of the Chinese people.With their living standards steadily going up,they have adequate extra money to afford 主题.More importantly,the change has a lot to do with the tuning of the people's attitudes towards and outlook on life.They have begun to try every mens to ___.Finally,the change is enhanced and promoted by the government's bettering policies in the ___field.With the bettered policies,it is possible for people to ____.With the deveplopment of society,the increasing trend is bound to continue for a few years in the future.As far as I am concerned,it's a positive(negative)trend and should be promoted(reversed)since it is beneficial(threatening)not only to individuals but to the whole society.2优缺点类


       There is no doubt that in recent years 主题is getting increasingly popular and playing an increasingly indispensable role in 领域/运用范围(in our daily life).主题not only makes people's everyday life more convenient but keep them well informed of the outside world.However,as is known to all, every medal has two sides and the unfavorable aspects of 主题 can't be ignored.To begin with, there will be a danger(缺点 1)spending too much time on it therefore ignoring what you should concentrate on.To make matters worse,(缺点 2)主题 is expected trouble.We are all aware that 主题 itself is neither good nor bad.Its effects on people depends, to a large extent, on how 主题 is used.Prwvided that people have an appropriate attitude and make a good use of it, 主题will make our life easier and more convenient.3.问题解决类



       Along with the great development of ___ and the with 主题 is getting more and more prevalent, an increasing number of people are becoming aware of the serious problem arsing from 主题.How to resolve this problem has become a big concern.As a matter of fact, there are various approaches which can contribute to the resolution of this serious problem, but in my view, the following ones will work better.First of all,(方法1)people should be educated to become aware of the terrible consequences of...Another way to solve the problem is to(方法2)lay down the relevant regulations or laws to prevent...Finally,to make people forget 主题,(方法 3)a substitute for it should be found.Whatever measures to be taken, the resolution of the problem calls for adequate attention and considerable efforts.With more attention and effort, the problem is bound to be solved in the near future.4意义影响类


       There is no doubt that 主题 is getting increasingly popular and playing an increasingly important role in our daily life.In recent years,主题 is used by the young and old, men and women throughout the country.Undoubtedly, 主题is significant in more than one aspect.First of all, 主题will demonstrtate the firm will and strong determination of government to...More importantly, 主题 will greatly promote...and stimulate...Finally ,主题 will definitely transform people's attitude toward and outlook on...Now that 主题 is significant to society and the people, everybody involved should make his effort to contribute something to 主题.With everyone's involvement and participation, A greater progress will be achieved in 主题 and therefore benefit the country and the people involved.A/B选择类




       When it comes to 主题,it is inevitable to make the choice between A and B.It is inconsiderate if we rush toward a decision without careful analysis of A and B.To start with, both A and B can make your life easy if you hold a right attitude and make a good use of it.However, A的优点.But,A的缺点.How about B? B的优点.Unfortunately,B的缺点.Considering what is discussed above, we will find it is nit difficult to make aright choice now.If we are particular about____,we'd better choose A;but if we lay much value on ___,we'd better turn to B.In a word,both A and B will contribute something to our life and whether to choose A or B rests on every individual's preference.6观点论述类

       第一段:点题 不同观点(好与坏,费与立)



       Nowadays,there is a widespread concern over 主词.(There is no doubt that...Are palying an increasingly important role in our daily life.)However, when it comes to this hot topic, people's views vary from person to person.Some people hold that 观点1.However,others list the opposite idea with regard to it.They argue that 观点2.As far as I am concerned, I am in favor of the former/latter idea.In the first place,while it is true that 优点1,but at the same time 缺点1.Admittedly,优点2,it can not be denied that 缺点2.Based on the discussion above, the conclusion which can be drawn is obvious.It can not be denied that...Is beneficial to us in one way or another and it can not be eliminated or prevented from getting popular only because it has some disadvantages


       让高中英语作文不及格的人20天内达到12-14分儿。好方法 好方法高中英语作文想得高分儿,,抓住两点。
















       First, second, third,First, then / next, after that / next, finally

       For one thing … for another…,On(the)one hand…on the other hand,Besides / what’s more / in addition / furthermore / moreover / another / also,Especially / In particular,表示时间顺序

       now, at present, recently,after, afterwards, after that, after a while, in a few days,at first, in the beginning, to begin with,later, next, finally,immediately, soon, suddenly, all of a sudden, at that moment, as soon as, the moment

       form now on, from then on,at the same time, meanwhile,till, not…until, before, after, when, while, as during,表示解释说明

       now, in addition, for example, for instance, in this case, moreover

       furthermore, in fact, actually


       but, however, while, though, or, otherwise, on the contrary, on the other

       hand, in contrast, despite, in spite of, even though, except(for), instead, of course, after all,表示并列关系

       or, and, also, too, not only … but also, as well as, both… and, either …or, neither …nor


       because, because of, since, now that, as, thanks to…, due to…, therefore, as a result(of), otherwise, so…that, such…that


       as(so)long as, on condition that, if, unless


       though, although, as, even if, even though, whether …or…, however, whoever,whatever, whichever, wherever, whenever, no matter how(who, what, which, where, when, whom)


       for example, for instance, such as…, take… for example


       be similar to, similarly, the same as, in contrast, compared with(to)…just like, just as,表示目的for this reason, for this purpose, so that, in order to, so as to,表示强调

       in deed, in fact, surely, certainly, no doubt, without any doubt, truly,obviously, above all,表示概括归纳

       in a word, in short, in brief, on the whole, generally speaking, in my opinion, as far as I know, As we all know, as has been stated, as I have shown, finally, at last, in summary, in conclusion