Nearly five years before, and with the help by our father, my sister and I planted Some cherry tomatoes(圣女果)in our back garden.Since then-for all these years-we had been allowing tomatoes to self-seed where they please.As result, the plants are growing somewhere.The fruits are small in size, but juicy and taste.There are so much that we often share them with our neighbors.Although we allow tomato plants to grow in the same place year after year, but we have never had any disease or insect attack problems.We are growing wonderfully tomatoes at no cost!2.短文改错的错误点可分为三大类型:词法、句法和行文逻辑。从这三点着手并发散开来是一种最为简明有效的策略!首先来说说词法错误,这里常见的有:动词(所占比重最大,涉及时态、语态)、名词(主要考察是否可数,单复数形式)、冠词(元音与辅音、特指与泛指的辨别)、代词(看其与指代的对象在数、格、词性上是否保持一致)、介词(固定搭配)、形容词与副词之间的误用(包括形式是否正确,是原形,比较级,还是最高级?)等等。

       Many students find it hardly to speak or read in front of others.Try taking a deep breathe to relax after you begin, and then read slowly and clearly.It might help to practice read aloud to family members at the home.Reading aloud is a opportunity to get used to speaking to an audience.The more often you do, the more comfortable and confident you will probable feel.In this way, not only you gain confidence, but also you can receive advices from your parents.3.下来再说句法错误。句法最常见的有定语从句、宾语从句等。要改好此类错误,还是要从最基本也可能对大家来说最枯燥的语法开始,一点点积累。当然,短文改错也是你学习掌握这些语法的一个很好的素材,可以说相辅相成!

       Two boys sat on a beach talking happy while eating a watermelon.When they went away they leave the melon’s skins on the beach, making it very dirt.They didn’t want to take trouble throwing it into the dustbin though it was very near that they were sitting.They said that there would be someone should clean the rubbish.If everyone behaves by this way, the world will be a big rubbish dump with flies are flying round and people will live in a world of diseases.Besides, it will be more difficult for dustmen to cleaning the world where we live in.4.最后谈一下逻辑错误,这个是最简单也最容易忽视的,说它简单是因为它直接违背了人们的语言直觉,说它易忽视则因为如果你没有对句子的整体把握甚至是对短文的通篇把握就不太容易察觉!所以切忌断词取义而一叶障目!

       You say you want to visit so many new places as possible in this summer.I don’t think it is a good idea.I want to tell you a story about my friend Tom.Last July, he went to Europe for a holiday.Europe was very beautiful and his holiday wasn’t very nice.He visited four countries, and stayed in every of the countries only three day.He visited many museums and famous places, and was always in hurry.When he returned back from Europe he was very tired.So I suggest you can spend your holiday in a differently way.即时练习

       (一)Most families in China hoped their single children will 76._______ have a happy future, so they are very strict in their children.77._______ So do teachers in schools!Many children are given so much 78._______ homework that they have hardly any spare time have sports.79._______ The children are forbidden to do anything but to study.No 80._______ wonder so many children are tired of lessons.Some even 81._______ attack or kill his parents and teachers!I believe many people 82._______ already read this kind of news in newspapers or magazines.83._______ Shouldn't we draw lesson from the accidents? Now our 84._______ government is making out a plan to solve the education problems.85._______

       (二)Nowadays, almost every family has TV set, and almost 76._______ everyone likes watching TV.TV has become part of our lives.77._______ TV has many advantages, for example, it informs us the 78._______ latest news which is happening in the world;it can open our 79._______ eyes, enlarge our knowledge and also help us to see more 80._______ about the world. But, it also has some disadvantages.People 81.______ waste too much time in watching TV and his normal life 82._______ and work are affected. To the children who they spend too 83._______ much time in watching TV, it can do harmful to their sight 84._______ and healthy.So we should control the time of watching TV.85._______



       1.On the one hand, on the other,一方面;另一方面

       On the one hand, the plan is pretty good;On the other, it does bring us some bad effects.一方面,这计划相当好;另一方面,这计划给我们带来一些坏的影响。2.Last but not least,最后但同样重要的是...Last but not least, we should not forget the importance of friendship.最后但同样重要的是,我们不应该忘记友谊的重要性。3.make a difference


       Your attitude towards life and study makes a great difference.你对待生活和学习的态度很重要。4.benefit a lot from...从...受益良多

       You can benefit a lot from teachers’ advice.你能从老师的建议中受益良多。

       5.look forward to(doing)s.th

       期待着做...I’m always looking forward to giving you a great surprise.我一直期待着给你一个极大的惊喜。

       6.have a good knowledge of...了解.../懂得...After reading the text, you’ll have a good knowledge of the Chinese history.在看过这篇文章后,你将对中国历史有一种很好的了解。7.What matters is not...but...重要的不是...而是...What matters is not money but your attitude towards work.重要的不是钱而是你对待工作的态度。

       8.It makes sense to do...做...是合理的/有意义的 It makes sense to set downs your feelings in a diary.把你的感觉写在日记里是有意义的。

       9.prefer to do...rather than do...宁愿做...而不愿做什么...We prefer to stay at home rather than go fishing at weekends.我们宁愿周末待在家里而不愿去钓鱼。10.grow crazy about...对...狂热/着迷

       Teenagers usually grow crazy about everything to do with sports.青少年通常对与体育有关的一切着迷。11.persuade s.b to do...说服某人做...I couldn’t persuade him to give up smoking.我不能说服他戒烟。

       12.be fond of doing...喜欢做...She is really fond of singing and dancing.她真得喜欢唱歌和跳舞。

       13.make up one’s mind to do...下定决心做...I have made up my mind to learn a third language.我已下定决心学习另一门外语。

       14.dream about/of doing...梦想着做...I used to dream about/of traveling to the moon.我过去常梦想着去月球旅行。

       15.feel like doing s.th

       想要做...He felt like taking a walk along the river.他想要沿着河边散步。

       16.can hardly wait to do...迫不及待地做...They could hardly wait to open the gifts.他们迫不及待地打开礼物。

       17.think little of...对...不在意

       Everybody thought little of the reason for the illness.每个人对这种疾病不在意。

       18.offer guidance to s.b


       Teachers are willing to offer guidance to anyone in trouble.老师情愿给有麻烦的人提供指导。

       19.remain to be done

       仍然有待于...A lot of problems remain to be dealt with in the future.许多问题在未来仍待于解决。

       20.An increasing number of people

       越来越多的人...An increasing number of people are concerned about health.越来越多的人关心健康。

       21.Something must be done.必须采取措施

       Something must be done to help those homeless children.必须采取措施帮助那些无家可归的孩子们。

       22.Only by this means/in this way can you...只有这样...你才能...Only by this means/in this way can you succeed.只有这样,你才能成功。

       23.It must be admiited that...必须承认...It must be admitted that he knows much about education.必须承认他对教育懂得很多。

       24.There is no doubt that...毫无疑问...There is no doubt that I will leave you soon.毫无疑问,我将很快离开你们。

       25.It is one thing to do..., but it’s quite another to do...做...是一回事,而做...是另一回事

       It is one thing to listen to teachers’ advice, but it’s quite another to put it into practice.听老师的建议是一回事,而将其付诸实践是另一回事。26.have a bad/good effect on...对...带来坏的/好的影响

       Fresh air has a good effect on our body and health.新鲜的空气对我们的身心带来好的影响。

       27.There was a time when...曾经有段时间...There was a time when I grow crazy about movies.28.It’s no pleasure doing...做...没有乐趣

       It’s no pleasure listening to music all day long.一整天听音乐没有乐趣。

       29.As a matter of fact,事实上;实际上

       As a matter of fact, I have a wonderful dream.事实上,我有一个美妙的梦想。

       30.It’s no wonder that...难怪...It’s no wonder that she got so tired that day.难怪她那天如此疲劳。

       31.It is /was 被强调内容 that从句

       It is her health that I am greatly concerned about.是她的健康我极为担心。

       32.do harm to/be harmful to...给...带来危害

       Eating too much does harm to your health.Eating too much is harmful to your health.吃太多对你的健康带来危害。

       33.do good to


       Communication face to face with your friends does good to your friendship.面对面与朋友交流给你的友谊带来好处。34.make an effort to do..努力做...We should make an effort to do better than ever before.我们应该努力比以前做得更好。

       35.get well prepared for...为...做好准备

       We should get well prepared for the coming final exam.我们应该为即将到来的期末考试做好准备。36.develop one’s own interest


       It does great good to develop your own interest.培养你自己的兴趣很有好处。

       37.make great progress


       I hope all of you can make great progress in your language learning.我希望你们所有人能够在语言学习取得很大进步。38.be in great need of..极其需要...People who suffered a lot in the earthquake were in great need of food and water.在地震中受苦的人们极其需要食物和水。39.pay special attention to...特别关注...People begin to pay special attention to the protection of nature.人们开始特别关注自然的保护。

       40.devote oneself to(doing)s.th

       一心一意做...Great people are those who devote themselves to selflessly helping others.伟人是那些一心一意无私帮助他人的人 41.It’s generally accepted that...大家普遍认为...It’s generally accepted that the earth is getting warmer and warmer.大家普遍认为地球正变得越来越暖。

       42.show respect for


       As students, we should show respect for our teachers.作为学生,我们应该对老师表示尊敬。

       43.consider s.b(to be/as) n./adj....认为...是...There is no doubt that we all consider him honest.毫无疑问我们都认为他是诚实。

       44.be concerned about...关心;挂念

       Parents are concerned about their children.父母亲关心他们的孩子。

       45.be based on...以...为基础

       The film is based on a true story that happened in 1946.这部电影以发生于1946年的一个真实的故事为基础的。46.have a correct attitude towards...对...采取一种正确的态度

       It’s important for us to have a correct attitude towards life.对生活采取一种正确的态度对我们来说是重要的。47.as far as s.b be concerned,就...而言

       As far as I’m concerned, I prefer to go to Shanghai for a visit.就我而言,我宁愿去上海游玩。

       48.meet one’s needs


       The little food can’t meet our needs in the next week.这点食物无法满足我们下周的需求。49.be likely to do

       可能...As human, we are all likely to make mistakes.作为人类,我们都可能犯错。

       50.not only...but also...不但...而且...Not only you but also I am fond of pop music.不但你而且我也喜欢流行音乐。

       51.ask for one’s advice on...就...寻求某人的意见

       She often asks for my advice on learning English.她经常就学习英语寻求我的意见。

       52.turn to s.b for help


       He always finds someone to turn to for help.他总是找人向其求助。

       53.Sb holds the view that...某人持的观点是/某人认为...They hold the view that a new school should be built for the local children.他们认为应该为当地孩子建一所新校。54.I’m of the firm belief that...我坚信...I’m of the firm belief that he can get along well with others.我坚信他能与其他人相处得好。

       55.The reason why...is that...,...的原因是...The reason why I’ll leave you is that I have a family in another place.我离开你们的原因是我的家人在另一个地方。56.impress sb deeply


       What he said at the meeting impressed me deeply.他在会上所说的使我印象深刻。

       57.It turned out that...结果是...It turned out that he felt upset about the result of the exam.结果是他对这次考试的结果感觉沮丧。

       58.With the development of...随着...的发展

       With the development of science, nothing is impossible.随着科学的发展,没什么不可能。

       59.play an important part in...在...起着重要的作用

       Language plays an important role in our communications.语言在我们的交流中起着重要的作用。

       60.make some suggestions on...在...方面提出建议

       I’d like to make some suggestions on your learning habits.我想在你学习习惯方面提出建议。

       61.Just as a famous saying goes, “All roads lead to Rome.”

       正如一句著名俗语说的那样,“条条道路通罗马。” 62.In a word


       In a word, we should work hard at our lessons.总而言之,我们应该努力学习。

       63.What’s more,而且,此外

       What’s more, I also like meeting different people.此外,我也喜欢见到不同的人。

       64.In addition,而且,此外

       In addition, the weather turns out to be bad.此外,天气的结果是糟糕的。


       Life is like walking in snow , because every step shows.Attitudes towards…vary from generations.Pros and cons

       A drop in the ocean 沧海一粟

       Be on the point of doing sth.即将做某事 When it comes to sth.Promote your spirit Nothing is permanent in life.Dare to dream Through all the difficulties , my faith was one constant.Life is meant to be enjoyed.Sth.Is not to be missed.Bear sth.In mind=keep in mind Bring sth.To an end=put an end to sth.Bring about=cause/lead to 导致 In the air悬而未决

       Arrive at a conclusion 得出结论 In the course of 在…过程中 For the sake of为了…… Face up to勇敢地面对

       Go all out 全力以赴,鼓足干劲 Give rise to 导致

       Don’t put the key to your happiness in someone else’s pocket but into your own.Love is just a word until someone comes along and gives it meaning.Work with every fiber of your being尽情 At a stretch=in a row 连续

       In a bid to 为了 in order to do Attitude, after all, is everything.At the peak of 在……的巅峰 Put on a brave face

       Get the hang of sth.学会

       As a whole=on balance=on the whole 总体上 Combine theory with practice理论与实践结合 Take precautions to 采取措施

       Make attempts to do/make an attempt at doing

       Be reluctant to do / draw the line at doing sth.拒绝 Compensate for Assuming that/provided that/supposing that/on the assumption that On the ground of=on account of =due to =by reason of因为 An idea strikes/comes to/occurs to me that

       Embark on=get to(doing)=set out to do=go about 着手

       With all one’s strength 尽力

       Actualize one’s own value 实现个人价值 What a shining example for us to follow Chase the dark shadows away驱散阴影

       Make no concession on绝不做出让步/under no circumstance Take a backseat to 居次要地位 Count for nothing毫无价值

       Roll up your sleeves and make a change of it as your primary task.Don’t allow doubts to occur in it 别犹豫 Dance as though no one is watching you.Love as though you have never been hurt before.Sing as though no one can hear you.Live as though heaven is on earth.Figure on /count on /rely on 依赖 To the limit 到了极限 To make things worse Keep it in mind that success is no accident.It’s the result of a long process trial and error.Undergo swift changes / great changes have taken place 经历巨变 Struggle to one’s feet挣扎着站起来

       Turn a blind eye/turn a deaf ear to 视而不见/置若罔闻 Lay a solid foundation 打下坚实基础 Higher expectation 更高的期望

       Do what you love ,and love what you do.Fail as I did , I will never give up.(as表尽管)Apply / devote oneself to doing投身于

       Be a great comfort to sb.是某人最大的宽慰

       Meet with sb.’s approval 得到某人的批准

       My life have been so much devoted to work for so long.Hearts are not had as a gift but hearts are earned.人心只能靠赢得,不能靠人馈赠。

       In order to explore new possibilities , you will have to learn to break away from old thought patterns.Behind the scenes 在幕后

       When in Rome ,do as Romans do.入乡随俗 Be a great comfort to sb.是…最大的安慰

       Pat oneself on the back(因干得好而)赞扬某人/自己 Be obsessed with 被……弄得心神不宁

       Rise again ourselves after a fall 跌倒了再爬起来 Set foot涉足

       Spice up 使无聊乏味的事生动 Make ideas come to life


       The moment I saw them at the school gate, my heart swelled with happiness and excitement.I forgot all my stress and tiredness.It reminds me of a similar experience/ incident, which was imprinted on my mind.这让我想起了一家相似的经历。这经历深深地刻在我的脑海里。

       One day I was riding my bike hurriedly to school when(正做……, 这时)somehow, my bike hit a car which stopped by the side

       I was in such a hurry that I didn’t see what was in front of me clearly.The moment I saw them at the school gate, my heart swelled with happiness and excitement.There was once a time when I had great difficulty with my English study.It was a time when I had great difficulty in learning English well.简单的 simple难忘的 unforgettable 有教育意义的 instructive 有意义的meaningful, 迷人的charming, appealing, attractive, fascinating 难以置信,惊人的,令人震惊的

       unbelievable, incredible, amazing, shocking, astonishing 沮丧,失意的frustrated, discouraged, depressed, down-hearted, low-spirited 疲倦的 tired, exhausted

       足够的充足的 enough, adequate, sufficient 优秀的 excellent, outstanding, brilliant, remarkable, distinguished, 有效的,高效的 efficient, effective 巨大的,huge, enormous, tremendous,非常 极度 desperately, extremely;unusually, extraordinarily;unbelievably, incredibly , absolutely

       完全地 totally, completely 幸运地 luckily, fortunately, 不幸地 unluckily, unfortunately,努力 attempt/ endeavor to do sth, spare no effort to do, try one’s utmost to 实现

       achieve, accomplish, fulfill 渴望, 等不及 can’t wait to do , be eager to do, hunger for, die for, desire, look forward to

       决心做 be determined to do, make up one’s mind to do 专心于

       concentrate on, be attentive on , be absorbed/ engrossed in, be occupied with, 抛弃 abandon, quit, desert, give up

       重要 be of great/absolute importance, play a(n)important/ vital/ crucial role/ part 认为……很重要 consider …(to be)important, attach great importance to


       He jumped up with wild joy.他高兴地跳了起来。

       He drooped his head, feeling guilty for what he had done.他耷拉着脑袋,对自己所作所为深感内疚。

       My heart swelled with happiness and excitement.我非常快乐兴奋。He was dissolved in tears/was drowned /sorrow/grief.他很悲痛。

       Unexpectedly came the heartbreaking news that his beloved granddad died of a heart attack, leaving him buried/ drowned in grief.突然传来令人心碎的消息,他深爱的爷爷心脏病突发身亡。

       Nothing could describe how moved I was at that moment..那一刻,我的感动之情难以言表。Words failed to express how moved I was at that moment./ my gratitude.My wild joy was beyond expression.我的狂喜之情难以言表。




好词好句作文 篇1


       火辣 灼热 闷热 天星 孤星 晨星 星斗 星座 星球 银星

       晶莹 眨眼 流星 星河 山坡 山林 瑰丽 秀丽 美丽 艳丽

       幽香 芳香 清香 暗香 素雅 斑斓 迷人 醉人 浓郁 喜悦

       感激 欣慰 欢喜 欣喜 得意 惊讶 安详 坦然 腼腆 害羞

       慈祥 妩媚 愤怒 失神 发呆 悲哀 愧疚 盛开 吐蕊 娇嫩

       怒放 碧绿 海峡 海湾 海滨 海岛 海滩 沙滩 海潮 杏眼

       斜眼 美目 俊目 秀目 朗目 星眸 失望 慈祥 敏锐 银发

       鹤发 刘海 辫子 发辫 乌黑 乌亮 整齐 苗条 丰满 丰腴


























好词好句作文 篇2





























































好词好句作文 篇3


       千恩万谢 乌鸦反哺 感恩戴德 感激涕零

       感激不尽 知恩图报 投桃报李 饮水思源

       没齿不忘 羊羔跪乳 结草衔环 感恩图报

       千恩万谢 寸草衔结 感恩怀德 渴者易饮

       感遇忘身 敬谢不敏 感同身受 涌泉相报

       恩重如山 谢天谢地 敬谢不敏 感激涕零

       感极涕零 感激不尽 感恩怀德 感恩图报