ChengDu HengDa textile co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer of medical weaving.Mainly produce medical garments fabric, surgical fabric, and bedding cloth.We have 2 production line with advanced equipment.Of long-term produce various kind of doctor and nurse grey cloth surgical garment grey fabric sick fabric sickroom bedclothes grey fabric and surgical items grey fabri

       Relying on our own strength ,we have established long-term relationship with chuanmian printing and dyeing mill , nanshan printingand dyeing mill , minkang printing and dyeing milland developed and produce 4 types of registered products more than 50 specification of medical fabric including nurse garment , surgical garment , sick garment , sickroom bedclothes, which are washable by the standard of hospital.The company established long term sells and supplement relationship with 20 franchiser and 50 medical clothing factory outside the province.At the same time , the company can supply surgical garments , sick garments , sickroom bedclothes etc with low price to other provinces ,we can design and printing kinds of medical fabric according to your request.Our company supply expect medical garments fabric surgical fabric and sickroom bedclothes fabric to(franchiser and clothing factory inside and outside of province)and also produce sickroom bedclothes surgical items.Surgical garments doctor and nurse garments sick clothing by subordinate enterprise

       Advantage in the production:

       1、Provide professional weaving for hospital, ensure the long term supplement with steady quality to hospital and inside outside province.2、Professional dyed hospital bedclothes and surgical items ,high color fastness , washable by detergent and high temperature steam.3、The company perennial supply with as many as 230 varieties.including bedclothes , garments , and surgical items which would meet the different needs of hospital.4、Specialized in designing new type bedclothes with dying pattern of hospital symbol.Making the environment more warmth and more comfortable.5、Dealing a variety of medical fabric.Satisfying the dealer’s and clothing factory’s requirement inside and outside the province

       三、Cargo Network

       In order to ensure the products arrive at customers in time , our company have established cargo network outside province.四、Way of business corporation

       Our company willing to established long term sells and supply relationship with all hospitals and a variety of dealers and clothing factory.No matter what grey cloth or finished products you will purchase , just tell us by a call or a fax.we will make efforts to delivery the good in your hands convenient and safety.“customers contentment is hengda constant craving” we sincerely hold the tenet of quality first , well serve and good faith work style.we sincerely looking forward to start business with you.ChengDu HengDa textile Co.,Ltd

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       Factory status & planning

       We have a GMP solid dosage formulations workshop and a Chinese herb extraction workshop.For the long term development , Wehave invested 30 million RMB on a new workshop, and the project will be completed 2022.By then, we will be supplying more efficient and environmentally

       -friendly products and services to improve the animal health.研究发展


       Research & development

       With the aim to develop better products to the market, we have established four research centers with some universities and R&D institutes.Currently, we can manufacture a wide range of feed additives, traditional Chinese veterinary medicine, antibiotics and disinfectants, and some of these products are approved with patent and unique pharmaceutical techniques.



       Chengdu Culture—Chengdu is a city with a long history.It is called the “Heavenly Land of Plenty” for its fertile land, mild climate, rich products.In the Western Han Dynasty, Chengdu was famous for its brocade industry and had a good reputation of “Brocade City”.One of the kings of Sichuan once planted Confederate roses on top of all the city walls, and that is why Chengdu is also called “The City of Confederate rose”.In history, Chengdu had prosperous waterways, numerous bridges, flourishing trees and flowers.It is called “the flower city”.Chengdu has so many elements that attract visitors and make them reluctant to leave.This proposal adopts the Chinese traditional paper-cut art style into the pattern design of seats, depicting beautiful scenery, delicious food and entertaining activities characteristic of Chengdu.It communicates the message that Chengdu Airlines will always offer warmhearted service to passengers.


       个人独资企业:sole proprietorship enterprise/sole investment engerprise 国营企业:state-run enterprise

       国有企业:state-owned enterprise

       集体企业:collectively-run enterprise

       乡镇企业:township enterprise

       公营企业:public enterprise

       私营企业:private enterprise

       私营工商业:privately owned individual and commercial enterprise 公私合营企业:joint state-private enterprise

       合作社企业:cooperative enterprise

       合资企业:joint venture

       外向型企业:export-oriented enterprise

       劳动密集型企业:labor-intensive enterprise

       技术密集型企业:technology-intensive enterprise

       国有大中型企业:big-and-medium-sized state-owned enterprise 亏损企业:money-losing enterprise


       工业企业:industrial complex

       生产型企业:production enterprise


       sino-foreign joint ventures

       sino-foreign cooperative enterprise

       foreign-funded enterprise

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       企业营业执照 英文翻译件


       [English Translation]



       Register Number: QIHEJINGZONGFUZI No.00xxxx0

       The Enterprise Name: Shenzhen xxxxxxx Co., Ltd.Address: Unit xxxx Building, No.xxxxxx Road, xxxxx District, ShenzhenLegal Representative: xxxxxx

       Register Capital: USDxxxxxx.00(Real Capital USDxxxxxx.00)Enterprise Type: Joint Venture(Hong Kong joint)

       Scope of Business: Manufacture of xxxxxx and parts, peripheral and service.Branch: No branch.Business Term: From 8th xxxxt xxxx to 7th xxxxt xxxx

       Date of Set-up: 8th xxxx xxxx

       Issued By: The Bureau of Shenzhen Industrial and Commercial Administration(seal)

       Date: 16th September 2022