First, let’s play a game.Read the ppt.Today my topic is about examinations.As the final exams are coming, I think everyone has some ideas about it.Whether it is good or bad, let’s put our prejudice away and enjoy it.First, let’s take a view of our ancestors’ examinations.Story maybe like this:

       One day, the Emperor wanted to hire some people to work for him, so he asked his courtiers to find a way to select the best persons for him.The courtiers advised him to issue the examinations.So the Imperial examination started.In history, the Imperial examination was established by Emperor of Dynasty Sui in AD605.It was developed and completed in Dynasty Tang.Since then, it became a universal system in Imperial China to select officials for the state.General Process

       We can see it in the PPT that there are four steps for the examination.Finishing the exam need at least 5 years.So our ancestors need to spend a lot of time preparing for the exams.The top three of the last exam are what we call “状元、榜眼、探花”.The list of winners

       This is the picture of the Imperial examination in Qing Dynasty.Let us just enjoy it.About the Imperial examination

       This system had a huge influence on both economy and culture to Imperial China.Neighboring Asian countries such as Japan, Vietnam and Korea also had similar systems, which were learned from China.But its disadvantages are obvious.For example,Limit people’s imagination

       Only focus on ability, but not morality

       Spread the utilitarianism and bureaucracy


       College Entrance Exam

       I think we must be very familiar with these pictures.Because all of us have taken College Entrance Exam before we enter university.When we talked about the college entrance examination, what we associated was “Black June, unfair, suffering, Test Machine, Tiring and exhausted”.To get a good mark, every examinee has to work hard to struggle.It is a really painful time, yet still has something meaningful and happy.At that time, everyday seems to be monotonous, but we seek joy amidst sorrow.Though we had a lot of homework and papers to do, we didn’t lose confidence.Even when some times we feel depressed, we tell ourselves “A fig for this!Just a few months on this”.Sharing

       In fact, when I now look back on those days, the feelings are complex, just as an old saying goes, if a person did not experience the college entrance examination, his life can not say completed.Recalling those days, with a faint hint of sadness and endless aftertaste, I really feel happy and proud.The Independent Recruitment

       I think many of us may take part in last year’s Independent Recruitment.But have you heard the news about this year’s Independent Recruitment? There are three big groups this year.They are Tsinghua University Union, Peking University Union and Tongji University Union.However, it doesn’t seem to be warmly welcomed this year.Our clever Chinese netizens created two interesting names for those groups, “huayue and beiyue ”, to show their attitude to it.What’s more, there are some experts criticizing the three groups for their malicious competition.About The Independent Recruitment

       The original intention of the independent recruitment is to create more opportunities for students who have special ability but can’t be admitted to university in normal ways.But it now has become a game for some colleges to vie the outstanding students.In the U.S.Ivy League universities, candidates can enjoy the unlimited choices;they can apply for any college as they like.Universities in China have once had a high degree of self-enrollment and could give the candidate the full right to choose.So if today’s independent admission can think more for the examinees, rather than “fight” with each other, the independent recruitment then will really benefit China's education.


       How To Become A Qualified Tutor Hello ,everyone,I am gland to stand here.Today, my topic is How To Become A Qualified Tutor.first of all, I want to ask your some.Do you feel that your pocket is empty?do you want to find a part time job?well,I have this feel, so I find a tutor job.but then, I am alittle anxious, becase my poor tutor experience make me unconfident.To solve this problem, I collect some information about it.Here, I will share it for you.now,let us get into the topic: How To Become A Qualified Tutor.My contens of the topic include five parts.the first part:Choose a tutor that is suitable for you.the second part:Teach the first lesson well.The third part:Make reasonable training plan.Next:The process of the tutor.The last: Suggests.ok, let us see the first part.:Choose a tutor that is suitable for you.I think a suitable tutor should contain 4 factors.They are ability, time,salary, distance respectively.the first and is also very important factor is ability.You must sure wether you are competent for the job.if you don’t have enough ability,you d better give up it.Then, think about the other factors seriously.After your comprehensive consideration,make your choice.If you are luck enough,get a suitable job interview.The next work is to consider how to teach the first lesson well and get the job.Which is just what I want talk about.let us see the second part: Teach the first lesson well.Since this part is most important, I would like to go into it detail.I divided this part into two aspects, two subject:teacher and student.What a teacher should prepare:We all know The first impression is very important.Parents first sight is your appearance and behave.so we d better Dress simply and neatly, behave politly, keep relaxed mood.To do these, you would give the parents a feeling you are a high quality person.you can not only teach their children knowledge,but also guide the right values Then, Show your student id card and make a brifly self-introduction to indicate your status.Of cource, a well-prepared class is also essential.You can take some exercise to check the students leaning level.However, if the parents have special requirement, just do as what required.Well, understand the necessary information is also very important: learn the students‘name, textbooks, coach books, test papers.Second, understand Students' learning level , learning motivation, study progress, test cycle, learning difficult points ,test Examination policy, psychological stages, hobbies.All these are important for you Long-term tutor work.our target is that Make parents and students trust you, like you.Let them bealive you can give something to them.Well, Here are some little tips to reference: Don't eat what the parents give, even the water you'd better carry it by yourself.Beacase this is your first lesson, don't trouble your employer.Play some jokes to let the atmosphere easy and funny.Well, If you are luckly enough,get the job.The next work maybe ponder how to teach, what to teach.well, On the basis of the student΄s information, we should make a reasonable plan, the followings are some suggests for you to reference.The first plan: Synchronization which mean your teaching is synchronous with student΄s textbooks, coachbooks, test papers.Review the learned and preview the new lesson, help do homework.What Just like a School teachers job.the second plan: Module training :Buy new learning materials, On the shortcomings of the students,do targeted module Practice.The next,I would like to talk about the process of a tutor: first,Review the content of the last lesson.Second, Study the content of this lesson.Third, Make class summary.next, Set aside time for pupil to ask questions.The last, Set homework.We don’t have to do every part of it.Particular case need specific analysis.in the end,there are some suggests for reference.1 communicate with parents, students frequently, if Conditions permitting , Communication and cooperation With the student school teachers , classmates.2 Make friends with students.To do that, you can better communicate with students and solve the problem better.3.For the underachiever ,we should develop his or her interest, Correct learning attitude,teach some leaning methods: such as Make the knowledge contact life, Follow the rule of Ebbinghaus forgetting curve to Memory knowledge and so on.4.let your student prepare a notebook which collect mistakes.5.Improve the efficiency of the class, becase your tutor time is very Limited and precious.don't let the pupil hesitate too much.6.The last and is also the most important:If you want to take the children for a long time, you must be able to make him change, such as makeing the student more active and open.Of cource, improve his score is the key point.so Taught pupil some examtaion skills, Lay a solid foundation, improve the ability of test.Ok, that is all.I hope what I said could give you some inspires.Well, some views are my personal opinions, if you have different insights, you can communicate with me after class.thank you for your listening.Aim at the crux of students, you should make up a prescription, their medicine – what mean : Make a reasonable training plan.If is Very pleased with your parents ,for the first time, the interview has obtained the victory.

第三篇:Oral English presentation 讲稿

       1.Today,my assignment of the presentation is Elegant Articles Appreciation.The title of the article is The Power of Words.It may be a short and easy story.But I think it will give us some inspirations which should be given deep considerations by us.Before we learn about this passage.Let us learn about some new words and phrases which we may not familiar in the passage hereafter 2.The first word is pit.The meaning of it is that a hole in the ground,especially one made by digging.The second word is might.Here in the passage is a noun.It means strength power and ability.The third is a phrase”as good as dead”.It means that there is no way except dying.The forth is a phrase which means to do something in the way that some one has told you to do it.Now ,OK!Let us probe into this story.3.Actually we may encounter many problems in our lives.But that dose not mean we are deprived of the hope.Only when we show our great courage to encounter the problems,we may achieve everything.Meanwhile,when we see others in trouble ,we should not only lend a helping hand, also should we open our mouse.The short story have set great example for us to rethink.The name of background music is”Sad or Happiness” In fact we can choose the sad or happiness and help others do.Therefor…




       ——dad, where are we going

       Team member1:倪笑萌

       Team member2:赵悦婷

       Team member3:邱韵

       April 4, 201


       PART 1 INTRODUCTION.....................1

       1.1 MOTIVATION [选题缘由]........................1

       1.2 PURPOSE [目的]..............................1

       1.3 METHODS [方法].............................1

       1.4 SIGNIFICANCE [意义]........................1

       PART 2 RESEARCH BACKGROUNDS............2

       2.1 CURRENT SITUATION.....................错误!未定义书签。

       2.2 THE IMPORTANCE OF FATHER.................错误!未定义书签。


       PART 3 CASE STUDY.....................4

       3.1 TEACH CHILDREN IN A WISE WAY....................错误!未定义书签。

       3.2 BE BOTH STRICT AND FRIENDLY WITH CHILDREN..............错误!未定义书签。

       3.3 ENCOURAGE CHILDREN A LOT................错误!未定义书签。

       3.4 CHANGE THE EDUCATION WAY PROPERLY................错误!未定义书签。

       3.5 SUMMARY:TO EDUCATE CHILDREN CORRECTLY...............错误!未定义书签。PART 4 ANALYSIS/DISCUSSION........错误!未定义书签。

       4.1 FRIENDSHIPS..............................4

       4.2 FAMILY AFFECTIONS............................4

       4.3 SUMMARY:TO PURSUE NICE RELATIONSHIPS.........................4

       PART 5 CONCLUSION...................4

       Part 1 Introduction

       1.1 Motivation [选题缘由]

       1.Other topics all don‟t be to our taste.We find that it‟s difficult to find something attractive to all of you in literature, and music includes so many styles that it‟s easy to bore you if it can‟t be to your taste, and we have no idea how to make academic the presentation of mass media.2.This topic is just what we are interested in.As the show” dad, where going” is being on, another American show called Modern Dads is following.But we prefer “dad, where going” because of its indie pop and warmth.1.2 Purpose [目的]

       Since the show is very popular to almost people of all ages, it deserves our

       attention to know why so many people like this show.1.3 Methods [方法]

       1.Searching information in the Internet

       2.Discussing with partners

       3.Watching series of certain TV programs

       1.4 Significance [意义]

       1.In this show, we can find the importance of children‟s ability to adjust to the environment and independence.2.Besides, fathers‟ involvement strengthens the relationship between father and children.3.Some researches claim that the father-child bond is crucial to children‟s future

       success.4.This show reminds fathers of getting along well with their children because the time that father and children spend together is too limited.Part 2 Research Backgrounds


       2.1 Current Situation

       The current situation is not optimistic.It is common that children are lack of father‟s love.The reasons are as follows.Since many fathers are busy with work, most of the children are raised up by mothers, grandmothers or even baby sitters.Besides, not only do many fathers seldom communicate with their children, they are also not good at expressing love to children.2.2 The Importance of Father

       It goes without saying that father plays a significant role in children‟s growth.Children can learn to be more responsible, brave and powerful under the guidance of father, just like the boy „shitou‟.He is famous for his good qualities of men with his father‟s strict education.In addition, only with both father and mother‟s love can children receive complete parental love.Last but not least, fathers can accompany children to face challenges and adventures to make children well prepared to them.2.3 Summary: Father Plays an Important Role in Educating Children

       Part 3 Case Study





       3.1 Teach Children in a Wise Way

       The father educates the naughty boy by letting him make transpositional consideration instead of blaming him directly.3.2 Be Both Strict and Friendly with Children

       The two fathers put an emphasis on keeping the balance of being a strict father and a loving father.Although fathers should be severe when educating children, they should also express their love to children in proper situations.3.3 Encourage Children a lot

       When children are in a bad mood or doubting themselves, parents should comfort them by giving them encouragements.3.4 Change the Education Way Properly

       Parents should change the education ways properly when finding some problems.Father should reflect on his wrong education view and try to correct it.3.5 Summary: To Educate Children Correctly

       The program gives people some suggestions about how to educate children correctly.That is to say, the delivery of education views.Part 4 Analysis/Discussion


       4.1 Friendships

       It shows us the precious friendships.The five children in the program unite together and show care to each other when facing difficulties.4.2 Family Affections

       It impresses us with heart-warming family affections.The children in the program are concerned about their fathers, showing consideration for their fathers.4.3 Summary: To Pursue Nice Relationships

       The program promotes harmonious relationships, especially friendship and family affection.It encourages us to pursue nice relationships

       Part 5 Conclusion

       The program „Dad, where are you going‟ is really meaningful to our society.


       Good afternoon,everyone.Turn on the music chart,the first is always JAY,and the followed is VAE,a spotless(一尘不染的)clean boy and have the name of his photo,light smile.People can’t imagine that this is a boy who has high popularity in the Internet.He is my favorite singer---Vae.Do you know the Chinese meaning of ‘Vae’?He does not look handsome at all.Sometime,just like your neighborhood,but he is very talented.His was born on 14th March,in 1986.He graduated from AnHui Medical University.Attention,he is a doctor.Isn’t it amazing that XuSong turns to be a famous musianfinally?

       So far he realeased four albums.And I would like to point out that the albums are his own independence,including the lyricsist,composer,arranger,singing,production and cover designing.Roses funeral,the burial of your memorise.(玫瑰花的葬礼,埋葬关于你的回忆。)Star light,and water thrawn up by the fold.(星光点亮了,海水泛起褶皱)Sad lyrics,sad melody,Vae’s interpretation(艺术表现)of the plain with a little bit sad.Except for the intelligence of music,Vae also is good at writing.During his student’s ages,more than 20 articles were published by《萌芽》、《少年文艺》.He once wrote a composition《把伤痕当酒窝》which was used in JiangSu province as a College Entrance Examination question.Also,he play computer very well.He won the first of ‘xunfei’ in 2022 cup national webpage designing match in Anhui.Vae is a man who can tell us what is independence.He is my idol.His perserverance,his effort,his great idea,always inspire me.