Have the courage to bear the fate, this is the hero.


       A hero is known in the time of misfortune, harsh environment can force the talent.


       Heroes don't ask the source. Putian, almighty is king!


       All of his intention to the crowd, not a hero.


       When the hero all back, only our duel for himself.


       Be a hero, not because of ability, but because of who I choose.


       Heroism is to sacrifice themselves for the faith and truth.


       Every tragedy makes heroes of common people.


       Hero fizzling out, beauty along but waiting for dying.


       After the death of a coward is a carrion, after the death of a hero or a hero.


       Heroes of this world helped crisis rescue, with heart is working hard for the first righteousness.


       Who can beat others is a hero! Can overcome their own people is a saint.


       Trees absorb nutrition from the soil, a hero from the people's power.


       In situations where others lift head show my hero.


       Patriotic hero brings to the national glory, tyranny brought disaster to people.


       Mankind of hero worship, yesterday, today also must be in the future.


       In the place where the most neglected human freedom, hero worship is always popular.


       A hero is a hero, is he doesn't know there is a conspiracy behind him.


       If the hero is a sincere person, that why we can't become a hero, too.


       Whatever my life experience, as long as a life with a smile, is a hero.


       We finally is a hero, or become a martyr, now the result is not yet clear.


       The real heroes, even if not historical memory, he is still playing god with a smile.


       The real heroes, would have died on the battlefield, not return for MEDALS.


       The hero is for any do what he can do, and normal cannot do this.


       Beauty foil the heroes, and heroes are often only a tragic end, empty sigh.


       For them, you can be a hero, for me, you're just a thief.


       Poor heart and feel useless, prompted me to seize the heroism justdon't willing to give up.


       To conquer yourself, than in battle over thousands of the enemy, more qualified called hero.


       Lack of education made a hero and genius, and heroes and genius from the education of do not edify.


       Heroes must contain the disasters in my career, if there are no disasters won't become a hero.


       Like watching tragedy hero, cannot say that without a bit of schadenfreude dark psychological work.


       There is only one kind of heroism, is in love with life after identify the truth of life.


       Part of the reason for the charming, the hero is that they can control control of themselves and others.


       There is only one heroism in the world, is to look at the face, and love the world.


       , it was a sickly s hero had left to save the world, the market of the tomb piled into the sea.


       Whether how humble person, as long as there is determination, can be the hero of the first challenge to the world.


       Hopeless nation, there must be many heroes, communicating to his children. The coward!


       If you want to be a true hero is have no choice, tend to be either success or not.


       A hero is no braver than the average man, the difference only lies in the fact that his courage lasted for five minutes.


       Life is only a kind of heroism, that is to recognize the truth of life after still love life.


       The longing for honor can only make a great hero, disdain for glory can make great man!


       You can choose, or become passive victims of environment, or be the hero of your own life.


       We can't all be a hero, somebody has to sit side of the road, when the hero after cheered for them.


       There is only one heroism in the world, that is, see the face of life and also to love it.


       Heroes Lou ying in today, try a spear try a knife. Three points at the beginning of the exhibition will power, good the name tag.


       Today was broken, is tottering. Who is not a history of the hostages, who can guarantee that do a lifetime of heroes.


       The existence of the desert is both real and symbolic. It is empty, heroes are waiting for the crowd.


       Hero is a man, and he did, for the benefit of the human society in the decisive moment required.


       A hero, it happened in the coward hand could not move. A great man, it happened in the hands of thieves and rascals unable to struggle.


       For this purpose, countless heroes died and they left a deep impression on our minds.


       The real hero is not never humble sentiment, just never yield by humble sentiment.


       The easiest way to the road to the fiasco imitate heroes plan before, it used in the new situation.


       Soure, how helpful, hero pride, is a pot of wine, a wasted, good night.


       You so-called hero, the servant of the so-called, is wanton on creatures of misery, pay for their own good.


       In no met you before, I must be your own hero. But after meeting you, you, is my hero.


       My parents, in the past, now is my hero. I can't imagine, let any other person acting as my hero.


       A nation without a hero is, unfortunately, a hero but don't know respect his nation is hopeless.


       There are a lot of suffering in the world is waiting for me there. Once in which, permission to show sort of hero.


       Hero - is one such person, he did it in a decisive moment for the benefit of the human society needs to be done.


       The so-called hero, to how much how many bars. On the contrary, in the treatment in the dentist can be none.