文都教育-四级作文Education Pays

第一篇:文都教育-四级作文Education Pays

       四级作文范文:Education Pays

       From the chart above, we can definitely get a conclusion that the more you learned, the higher your salary would be.The figures in the chart denied the claim that knowledge is useless.However quite a few people still hold the opinion that a higher education does no good to a better job since that there are many university students who can not get an ideal job.What I want to point out is that there is more than one factor that contributes to the failure of finding an ideal job for those who got a higher education.While those who failed to get a better education will hardly succeed in getting a good job because they didn’t get the knowledge systematically and scientifically.As the proverb goes like this, Knowledge is power.Education pays, sooner or later.



       The Importance of the Basic Learning Skills


       As what is vividly shown in the picture, many college students have the same doubt as the one in the picture that is whether that stuff will be outdated when they graduated and began to work.That stuff, as we can see from the picture, refers to the basic learning skills such as mathematics we learned when we were in primary school.It also reveals a phenomenon in the college that there are a great number of students, who question the practicability of their subjects because they are too simple to be helpful with their occupation afterwards.Does that mean these subjects are useless? Definitely not.These subjects are like the foundation of a building.Though they are commonplace even invisible, they are of vital importance.Mastering these basic skills we can grasp the fundamental elements of learning ability.As an old saying goes like this, high buildings rise from the ground.Only if we lay a solid foundation, we can’t set up a high building.Or in another word, do you think it is feasible to let a person learn English without learning a, b, c?

       With all was said above, we can draw a conclusion that the basic learning skills are quite essential to both our whole study and the work we will take after graduation.Thus we should pay more attention to the basic subjects and master the ability required at the further career.



       There is an old saying: where there is a will, there is a way.It tells us that a strong will is the most essential quality that anyone who wants to achieve success.It can contribute a lot to one’s success.Although “All roads lead to Rome”, none of them is completely smooth.Our life is filled with obstacles which may make us feel so hopeless that we may choose to give up.At the crucial moment, strong will helps a lot.As a matter of fact, the ability to work through difficult situation and unfortunate events with strong will can make one stronger and more capable.In other words, if we want to realize life’s goal, we must keep forging ahead with strong consciousness.From what has been discussed above, we can see that the establishment of tough determination is of great importance to everyone.With a strong will, including our knowledge, we will be able to deal with any situation in our life.Whatever we do, as long as we stick to and do not give up easily, we will realize the goal at last.四级写作体裁有三种:论说文、应用文及图表作文。论说文有三种:问题解决型、观点对比型和现象描述型。本次四级考试的作文题目为“ Succeeds Without a Strong Will”属于论说文。

       本文的整体内容可以分为三段,中心应该围绕“where there is a will, there is a way”,首段可以通过“戒烟很简单,但是不坚持,也是不能成功的”得出“万事都需要坚持”,从而确定整篇文章的中心论点。

       第二段主要应聚焦于论证“意志坚定的人才能够完成伟大的使命”,可以通过以下几个句子,如“Life is not all roses”;“Adversity is a good discipline.”等句子来论证:坚定的意志是成功的必要阶段。此段为文章的主体段落,需要在保证文章通顺、逻辑清晰的基础上,注重语言的精彩,可以通过复合句的使用和排比的修辞方法来达到。













       Which Is More Important

       文都教育 何威威

       As can be seen from the picture above, there is a conversation between a son and a father.The father told his son that it is more important to empty the dustbin than to worry about disposing of nuclear waste, that is to say, small things go first when dealing with big things.I’m definitely on the father’s side in this and I’m sure I’m not alone.everyone and makes every feel proud of China.Behind there are a have devoted themselves to the mission.It is the to theAs an old saying, One can’